Internal Medicine

Beverly Knigge, FNP-BC is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) who specializes in Internal Medicine. She treats complex medical problems ranging from hypertension, high cholesterol, IBS and diabetes to preventive care, including annual Pap screening exams, menopause, and osteoporosis. She also treats common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system and reproductive organs.

Ms. Knigge brings an understanding of wellness to her patients, promoting good health and disease prevention. She emphasizes a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition.


Internal Medicine Services

• Asthma and COPD
• Hypertension
• High Cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Hyperthyroidism
• Hypothyroidism
• Allergies
• Stress Management
• Menopause and Perimenopause
• Stress Management
• Weight Management

• Cardiovascular Disease
• Endocrinology
• Gastroenterology
• Geriatrics
• Respiratory Infections
• Rheumatology
• Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
• Mental Health
• Pain Management
• Women’s Health
• Musculoskeletal



What Is Internal Medicine?

According to Wikipedia, internal medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. They are referred to as internists. Internists are especially skilled in the management of patients who have undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes.

Quoting the American College of Physicians, Internists “care for the whole patient”.